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Our messages on World Peace Day:
Dan Mira

golub mira




Peace, peace, peace... 

1. Let’s make peace!  

2. Make love, not war! 

3. PEACE is the state of consciousness of each mature man.. 

4. Is there more tragic and stupider thing from losing life at war? 

5. Peace is when children sleep peacefully... 

6. Women live their lives beautifully in peaceful world 

7. There is no road to peace, peace is the road. (Gandhi) 

8. Let’s do our best to retain the world peace! 

9. Let’s not allow new war in Serbia! 

10. Love each other! 

11. Love calms you down! 

12. Christmas carries the best messages of peace! 

13. Peace – my goal! 

14. Let it be tranquil! 

15. Love me and you will be hushed! 

16. Do not reconcile yourself to world turmoils! 

17. Give peace a chance! 

18. Everything is much easier in peaceful world! 

19. I am a little peacemaker. (Mirić A.) 

20. In peaceful world, we sleep calmly, live quietly and laugh beautifully. 

21. Leave me in peace! 

22. I want peace and order in my office! 

23. Do not look for peace anywhere but in yourself.! 

24. Mira is a beautiful name, but peace is even more beautiful! 

25. Let’s promise our children and our children’s grandchildren and our great grandchildren’s children that Srebrenica, Bratunac, Vukovar, Oluja, Ahmici, Đakovica, Staro Gracko will never occur again. Never again. 

26. Peace is the most efficient cure for people. 

27. Peace occurs when after a rough night and a hangover, your head stops buzzing. 

28. Make peace with yourself and others to achieve the world peace!