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“Euphoria – knowledge quiz about the EU for the high school students of Nis” (August 01, 2012 – November 30, 2012)

Center for civil society development PROTECTA is implementing the project called “Euphoria” – knowledge quiz about the EU for the high school students of Nis” with the media support of TV 5, and financial support of the European integration office of the Government of the Republic of Serbia

“Euphoria” – knowledge quiz about the EU for the high school students of Nis” is a four-month project which will be implemented in the period from August 1st – November 30, 2012 on the territory of the city of Nis. The target group of the project are high school students of Nis.

General and specific goals of the project

The general goal of the project “Euphoria” is to inform and educate young people in Nis about the values and standards of the EU as well as about the advantages the EU membership offers to young people.
The specific goal of the project is to present the process of the EU integrations on a popular and fun way through learning and playing.
The second specific goal is to develop extra-curricular programmes related to the EU integration process in which the schools are included.
The third specific goal is developing the competitive spirit in young people.

The target group and the structure of beneficiaries

  • The direct target group consists of participants of the quiz from Nis high schools
  • Indirect target groups are:
    All students of Nis high schools covered by the campaign
    All students of Nis high schools, fans in the quiz “Euphoria”
    Citizens of Nis and the surrounding area who will be informed about the project through the media.

List of project activities categorized by groups:

  • Media promotion, design and distribution of the promo material
  • Design of educational material
  • Organizing and implementing the quiz
  • Organizing the educational prize trip

Structure of partnership

For the sake of informing the wider public in time and objectively about the implementation of project activities, we will receive media support from the regional media TV 5 who are also participating as partners on the project.

Shooting and broadcasting the quiz finals and the special TV show followed by the video from the educational prize trip. This part of the project will be implemented and financially covered by the partner on the project, TV 5.


In cooperation with the Bulgarian partners “NATIONAL ASSOCIATION FOR ECONOMIC AND SOCIAL INTEGRATION” i COMMUNITY HOUSE "IVAN VAZOV" PROTECTA is implementing the project “Establishing an informational consultative centre-ICC ‘Quick start’ in the cities of Berkovica and Nis”.

The goal of the project is to establish 2 regional consultancy centres in Nis and in Berkovica as a support to the business sector in these regions. The target group of these centres are entrepreneurs, SMEs as well as the unemployed who will undergo a process of education in line with the American methodology “Quick start” in order to obtain certificates in their desired vocation. Obtained certificates are internationally acknowledged around Europe. The education consists of a 9-day training course in Bulgaria and 120 hours of education in their work position. This process will be implemented by certified trainers.

The idea of the project is strengthening the economic relations between the district of Nisava and the region of Montana in Bulgaria which will be confirmed by organizing a business forum in Berkovica, Bulgaria which will host dozens of entrepreneurs from both regions. This forum presents an opportunity to exchange experiences and establish new contacts.

The secondary relation will be establishing a web portal containing a database with legal persons from these regions. One person each from Serbia and Bulgaria will be engaged to work on maintaining this portal.

The duration of the project is one year and will be financed from the IPA fund. The implementation started on August 1, 2011.


Donors: Delegation of the European Union to the Republic of Serbia – 95% (Programme: „Supporting access to rights, employment and livelihood enhancement of refugees and IDPS in Serbia” with funds from the budget line IPA 2009 (09SER01/02/21)) and CARE Germany Luxembourg – 5%
Duration: February 1, 2011 – January 31, 2013
Location: Serbia, South Serbia, City of Nis, municipalities of Vranje and Pirot (Bela Palanka)
Partners: CARE Serbia and Center for civil society development PROTECTA
General objective: Contributing to a sustainable community at their current residential area for refugees and internally displaced people who do not wish to return to their homeland

Specific goals: Improving the quality of life for refugees and IDP by offering programmes of economic self-assistance

Target groups:

  • Refugees and internally displaced people in the municipalities of Nis, Vranje and Pirot (Bela Palanka);
  • 10% of the target group will consist of the most vulnerable domicile population; Roma people-10%, women 50%;
  • 93 persons will receive help for initiating small enterprises;
  • 20 persons will participate in the programme of practical work in companies.

Final beneficiaries:

  • Members of the family of participants; in this way the number increases to around 450.
  • Institutions such as the Commissariat for refugees and internally displaced people; local social service centres and local job centre offices; clients and buyers in newly-formed enterprises.

Expected results:

  • 93 refugees and internally displaced persons have initiated their own small enterprises after receiving the reciprocal donation and technical assistance.
  • Refugees and internally displaced persons who initiated their own enterprises formed 5 informal “business clusters”
  • Work practice for 20 refugees and IDPs, and 30% of them employed during the duration of the project.

Main project activities:

  • Preparatory activities;
  • Market research for determining the work skills and services required on the local level;
  • Informational campaign for refugees and IDPs;
  • Securing the donations for 93 persons for purchasing equipment and managing the donation programme;
  • Promotion of forming the informal business clusters;
  • Offering technical support to donation beneficiaries;
  • Securing the work practice for refugees and IDPs;
  • Raising the awareness level in companies, government organs and institutions.


Center for civil society development PROTECTA is implementing the project “Equality – Participation of women in the work of political parties”, supported by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation – SDC..

The aim of the project is to enhance democracy and democratic institutions (political parties of national minorities and other parties in municipalities active in these municipalities) through building the capacities of political parties for greater participation of women in the political life on a local level.


  1. Raising the awareness level of members of political parties to recognize the importance of increased participation of women in the political life in the south of Serbia.
  2. Establishing dialogues between political parties regarding the increased participation of women in the political life in south Serbia.
  3. Stimulating political parties on a local level and national minority parties as decision makers to propose and adopt solutions which will enable a wider engagement of women in the political life.

Beneficiaries of this project are women from 5 municipalities in south Serbia, members of political parties and national minority parties acting in these multi-ethnic environments.


  1. Developed analysis of women participation in the political life of parties in 5 municipalities in south Serbia;
  2. Increased level of knowledge on participation of women through an educative-informational campaign.
  3. Open topic about the participation of women in politics on a municipal level (5 expert round table meetings);
  4. 20 educated women for active engagement in politics;

Project activities:

  1. Collecting and analyzing the data
  2. Focus groups
  3. Publication-educative-informational campaign
  4. Round table meetings
  5. Training workshops

The project will be implemented in the period from July 1, 2012 until November 30, 2012


Center for civil society development PROTECTA is implementing a project “Civil society for a more responsible government and reducing the level of poverty in Serbia”.

The goal of the project: The specific goal is designing and implementing the campaign of public advocacy which will serve to influence: A) The complete implementation of the local action plan (hereinafter: LAP) for the improvement of the position of refugees and internally displaced people from the city of Nis and B) A more transparent and precisely defined allocation of funds within the budget of the city of Nis which will serve to support the implementation of LAP.

Project activities: PROTECTA organized three panel discussions with the representatives of CSOs and local self-government. The platform was adopted by the members of these coalitions which is part of the LAP. It was subsequently delivered to the City of Nis-finance administration with a request to the expert services to introduce a new budget line in the 2012 budget which will be intended exclusively for the needs of refugees and internally displaced people.

Further project activities on the implementation of LAP and final adoption of the proposal by the City of Nis Assembly include: round-table conference in the Media Centre Nis on October 12, 2011 with representatives of CSOs, appearances on local media, delivering a memo to all city administrations, to the President of the Assembly and the City Assembly until the final 2012 budget adoption.

The project will be implemented in two stages:

  • The first project stage will be implemented from April 19-July 1, 2011.
  • The second stage will be implemented from September 15-November 15, 2011.

Project partners: This project is being implemented by the Institute for Sustainable Communities, Group 484 and PROTECTA as the local partner. The project is supported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of Norway.