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Fields of work and interest:

  • Promoting democracy, democratic values and legislation;
  • Developing civil society and the civil sector in Serbia;
  • Decentralisation and regionalisation of society;
  • Promotion of European integration standards and values;
  • Youth policy, standard, education, activism and voluntarism
  • Economic strengthening of the population and economic subjects;
  • Fight against organised crime and promotion of the idea of legality;
  • Promotion of the innovative models of social activities in the local community and sustainable development;
  • Culture and intercultural exchange

Activities which PROTECTA achieves for accomplishing its goals:

  • Organises actions in the field of public advocacy;
  • Organises campaigns of building and developing civil awareness;
  • Organises volunteer actions;
  • Consults organisations of the civil society, public and private sector;
  • Collects and analyses professional literature from the area of its work and interests;
  • Realises its own researches;
  • Organises science assemblies, debates, presentations, other assemblies and training seminars;
  • Designs and prints publications, video and audio collections;
  • Cooperates with other organisations and institutions on achieving goals of the organisation and takes on other activities in accordance to the law, statute and needs.